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28 January 2016 - No Comments!

#ConvComm – The Hottest Trend of 2016? - an iPhone app connecting customers and commerce.

Another big shift in e-commerce is already happening. The question is not "if" but "how soon" it will impact your business.

In case, you were wondering why just check your email. If you use HipChat, earlier today you might have received their newsletter, informing that now you could book Uber ride - through the chat. If you're using other communication apps you already have or will start receiving similar updates soon.

It might not seem like a big thing but it is. Conversational Commerce is a rapidly growing trend. It's been happening for a while but in 2015 we've seen a massive increase of interest with this subject and tons of new apps launched.

Couple days ago Chris Messina (Uber) wrapped it all up and shared his ConvComm observations and predictions on Medium. His article quickly became one of the hottest topics on Medium and It kicked off a discussion all over the Internet. Whether or not the shift is really happening we'll see in the next couple months but in case, you were wondering what's all this fuss about, just see this ConvComm apps collection on ProductHunt.

In order to make up your mind and form your own opinion follow the #ConvComm conversations and share your thoughts. I'm really curious if you see it as something that could impact the work you do. And if so, would that be a threat, a challenge or an opportunity?

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